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Selected by our skilled chef to please and delight the palate.

Made with the finest in seasonal ingredients and fresh game, all of our dishes are carefully crafted for an exceptional dining experience.

*Menu options may change based on seasonal and ingredient availability.
*All prices listed exclude tax (sales tax will be added to the total)
*During dinner time customers are required to order a minimum of 1 drink.

Antipasto Fredo 

Homemade Pickles ・・・ 280yen
Olive Marinadeネ ・・・ 480yen
Antipasto Selection・・・ 980yen
Sliced Parma Ham・・・ 980yen
Italian Salami Selection・・・ 980yen
Ham and Salami Selection・・・ 1,480yen

Antipasto Caldo

French Fries ・・・ 480yen
Tomato Infused Trippa (Salty)) ・・・ 880yen
Red Prawn Ajillo (3 Piece)・・・ 1,180yen
Clam, Mussel, White Clam Steamed with White Wine・・・ 1,280yen

Insalata (Salads)

Mixed Salad ・・・ 880yen
Hand Selected Tomato Salad・・・ 880yen
Ham and Parmesan Cheese Sala・・・ 850yen
Vegetable Bagna Cauda・・・ 1,180yen

Formaggio  (Cheeses)

Miso Infused Cream Cheese ・・・ 480yen
Cheese Selection・・・ S:780yen / M:1,280yen
Raclette Cheese (Sausage, Vegetable, Bread)・・・ 1,280yen


Margarita (Mozzarella/Basil) ・・・ 1000yen
Marinara (Garlic/Oregano)・・・ 880yen
Napoli (Mozzarella, Anchovy, Cappers, Oregano)・・・ 1,100yen
Bismarck (Soft Boiled Egg, Ham, Mozzarella)  ・・・ 1480yen
Sicilian (Mozzarella, Olives, Capper, Oregano)・・・ 1,100yen
Margarita Bianco (Mozzarella, Cherry Tomato, Fresh Cream, Basil) ・・・ 1,100yen
Trebianca (Onion, Red Peppers, Salami, Cheese) ・・・ 1,100yen
Quatro Formaggio (4 Cheeses Drenched in Honey) ・・・ 1,480yen
Ham Salad (Fresh Vegetables, Ham, Mayonnaise Sauce)・・・ 1,480yen


Bolognaise ・・・ 1,180yen
Arrabbiata with Mascarpone・・・ 1,280yen
Vongole (White Sauce or Tomato Sauce) ・・・ 1,280yen
Pescatora (White Sauce or Tomato Sauce)・・・ 1,480yen

Secondo Piatto  (Meat and Fish)

Grilled Pork Roast on the Bone ・・・ 1,980yen
Veal Roast・・・ 1,980yen
Beef Sirloin Bistecca・・・ 1,780yen
Daily Meat Special・・・ ASK
Daily Fish Special ・・・ ASK

Panne  (Bread/Toast)

Melba Toast (5 piece) ・・・ 100yen
Focaccia (2 piece) ・・・ 200yen
Garlic Toast (5 piece) ・・・ 480yen

Dolce  (Deserts)

Daily Desert Specials ・・・ 400yen~



Address: Hakusan 5-32-13 Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
TEL: 03-3868-0404

【Hours of Business】
* Lunch time:  11:30~14:30(14:00 LO)
* Dinner time:  17:30~22:30(22:00 LO)
【Closed】 Tuesdays